Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oooo the ratchet things i see

as a young adult living in 2012 technology basically runs my life & the life of my peers (& i use the terms peers loosely) i love social media. i can catch up with old friends and keep in touch with new ones & i can stalk my future husbands ( hey kidcudi & macmiller) but i have come to the strong belief that maybe .. i believe that the creators of sites like Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter had great intentions for the use of these sites when they created them. but when they get into the hands of the ratchet gutter creators.. it just turns into a big mess. i have came to the conclusion that there should be some type of test when you first make an account for these sites because clearly we cant have nice things. but the thing about these ratchet gutter creators is they dont know they are ruining our social networks. so i have taken it upon myself to make a list of things that tell you you need to delete your account 

1. if your email address looks like this [Delete Your Account]
2. your occupation is .. G3TTiN M0N3YY  [Delete Your Account]
3. still take 'myspace' pictures? [Delete Your Account]
4. cant write or spell? [Delete Your Account] 
5. 17 with 2 baby fathers or mothers? [Delete Your Account]
6. you think is a legit source of news?  [Delete Your Account]
7. ya face book name is Shaniqua ImT0OCut3Br0wn$k!nH0n!30verR3dB0n3sALLDAY Thompson Or Tryone Ig3tsm0n3y$$aLwayZzHave$$acksHu$ltl3rF0r3v3r Jenkins?  [Delete Your Account ASAP]
8. if you love to broadcast other peoples business [Delete Your Account]
9. if you are a ethug [Delete Your Account]
10. if you send girls messages in their inbox saying 'damn baby whats yo name' [Delete Your Account]
11. ANYBODY ever told you that the 'RATCHET GIRL ANTHEM' reminds them of you? [Delete Your Account]
12. if you are under the age of 18 & you are lying about your age saying you older  [Delete Your Account]
13. on the 1st & 15th of the month your status update is 'G0T MY cH3cks T0DaIi, T!m3 T0O h!t Th3 CluB !!  [Delete Your Account]
14. if your older then 21 still calling yourself a 'barbie' or a 'bad bitch' [Delete Your Account]

i know im missing a bunch of shit but thats what currently comes to mind. BUT if any over those rules apply to you please go to the settings of your account & just click deactivate or delete & crawl back into the ratchet hole you came out of & pleasse take several seats over there -------> 

adios, bitchachos 


Erica said...

LOL! So true!

Doreen Faith said...
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Doreen Faith said...

LMAO!! Girrrrrl, I've taken time to sit down and read everything and trust me its the truth. Am gonna try and share it on my facebook wall.

September 27, 2012 8:3